Training: Health, Safety and Environment

Security, Health and enviroment

  1. > NBR ISO 14001
  2. > ISO 14001: 2015
  3. > Aspect and Environmental Impact
  4. > Implementation ISO 14001: 2007
  5. > Hazards and Risks of SSO
  6. > Integrated Management System
  7. > Training Auditors

Advice and Consulting: Environment

Seven Quality advises and advises NBR ISO 14001 for the implementation and maintenance of Environmental Management Systems.

We also carry out the work of interpretation and implementation of ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2007 for elementary notions, besides making all the survey of aspect and environmental impact that some industrial process or similiar can cause to the environment.

In the process of surveying the hazards and risks of OHS, it is necessary to record what the activities are, whether normal, not routine or emergency, whether or not they are performed within the physical limits of the organization. In this process there will always be points of attention that must be considered. Places that provide energy such as electrical panel and other places energy sources are great examples of places that deserve enhanced attention and differentiated care.

Training: Health and Safety at Work

The company Seven Quality conducts training in the areas of health and safety of the job offering the management of courses such as:

  1. > First Aid & Leadership
  2. > NR 5 - CIPA (Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents)
  3. > NR 6 - EPI Training
  4. > NR 7 - PCMOSO (Occupational Health Medical Control Program)
  5. > NR 9 PPRA (Program for the Prevention of Environmental Risks)
  6. > NR 10 - Safety in Facilities and Services in Electricity
  7. > NR 11 - Transport, Handling and Storage in Material Handling (Forklift Operator)
  8. > NR 17 - Ergonomic Analysis
  9. > NR 23 - Prevention and Combat of Fire
  10. > NR 26 - Safety Signaling
  11. >NR 33 - Trabalhos em Espaços Confinados
  12. >NR 35 - Trabalho em Altura
  13. >NFPA - National Fire Protection Association - Emergências Químicas.


Occupational Safety Technician

We provide highly trained and trained labor security technicians to advise your company, preparing all documentary aspects of the work safety area.

Civil firefighter

We offer the specialized service of civilian fireman with professionals qualified to act in the prevention of fire fighting, first aid and safety of the patromônio of your company.

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