Building maintenance

Industrial and building maintenance

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Services: Building Painting, Building Reform and Maintenance Services

Predictive Maintenance

SEVEN Quality is able to carry out the management of all the building maintenance tasks of your industry installations with rigor and professionalism.

Our services include: Preventive studies, preparation of planning and execution of services of mechanics, electrical, instrumentation, boilermaking, automation, refrigeration and civil.

Execution of corrections, scheduled stops, documentation and registration, management and study of data obtained.

Predictive maintenance is a set of techniques that allow you to reduce the costs of the traditional, preventive and corrective maintenance program through measurements and inspections, ensuring the availability and performance of your plant equipment, machinery and facilities. Its main mission is to optimize the reliability and availability of equipment at a minimal cost. The most common techniques used for predictive maintenance are vibration analysis, ultrasound, visual inspection and other non-destructive analysis techniques.

Preventive maintenance

The goal of industrial preventive maintenance is to predict the problems that a machine may have, correct them in a timely manner and keep the machinery in the optimum condition of operation and efficiency.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is maintenance that is performed for the purpose of correcting or repairing a failure in the equipment, machine or installation, restoring the operability of the system. The main drawback of corrective maintenance is related to the unpredictability of faults and failures. This ends up raising the cost of the tasks because they are not programmed.

Scheduled Stop

Routine scheduled maintenance is very effective in equipment and installations that require medium or high availability of some importance in the production system and whose failures can cause disturbances in the company's production plan and therefore can not be expected to show symptoms of failure .

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Types of Building and Industrial Maintenance

Consultancy, Assistance and implementation of maintenance plans, technical feasibility studies, training and management in maintenance, equipment installation and reliability engineering.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)

An HVAC system is a ventilation, heating and air conditioning system. It is a set of methods and techniques that study and work on air treatment while cooling, heating, dehumidification, quality, movement, among other variables.

The purpose of an HVAC system is to provide adequate airflow, heating and cooling to each area; reliably maintaining the required values ​​of temperature, humidity and air quality, regardless of fluctuations in the environment (adjacent, external zones).

Corrective maintenance

Building Maintenance: Professional Outsourcing

Outsourcing in the Maintenance area is an increasingly common practice in companies that seek to reduce their costs, and with it, increase their profit margins without the quality of their work being affected by it. This technique, as it can not be otherwise, is also applied to industrial maintenance services, something that allows companies to save on personnel investing in building maintenance, and to focus the use of resources on the strategic tasks of their business.


Management of corporate and industrial facilities and infrastructures.

Main activities in the facilities area:

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  2. > Reception and Portaria
  3. > Access Control
  4. > Cleaning and Conservation
  5. > General Maintenance
  6. > Change Layout
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