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Outsourcing of Services in the Quality Area

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Outsourcing Services in Quality Inspection

The Seven Quality offers a wide range outsourcing services in the area of ​​quality and, as a visual or dimensional selection of parts, or even the controlled level boarding 2 (CSII) in order to check the quality of its products, ensuring that all items meet the quality standards and that the required requirements are being met.

We hire the professionals according to the profile of your company. The employees are already allocated with the medical examination (ASO) performed, we provide the basic EPI's, uniform and benefits according to the CCT of our category, in addition to all the documentation necessary for the integration of the employee in your company.

Supplier Development and Qualification Program

We have a fully qualified structure to develop projects for the supply chain.

  • Logistics Structure
  • Qualified people
  • Methodology and Management
  • The supplier development program has 4 steps:


  • Mapping of critical and potential suppliers.
  • Process audit at the suppliers' plant.
  • Development plan

  • Supplier training and capacity building.
  • Side dish

  • Monitoring of improvement actions.
  • Support

  • Audits and consultancies to suppliers.
  • Our company is responsible for all our employees assigned to your company, strictly respecting labor and tax laws. We have established strict procedures to ensure the safety of employees, with the correct use of PPE, performing the PPRA and PCMSO, aiming at accident prevention and occupational health.

    The services are performed following the guidelines and specifications contained in the customer control plan. We count on technical and experienced teams to carry out the Management of our services and collaborators. Outsourcing of production line: automotive and auto parts, electro-electronic and white line. Training of professionals such as Quality Analyst, Metrologist, Quality Inspector, Administrative Assistant, Technical Resident, among others.

    Outsourcing of Professionals in the Quality Area

    Quality Aids

    Perform inspection and release activities of finished or semi-finished products through the control plans, also performing part rework and raw materials conference according to the quality standard.

    Quality inspector

    Conduct the development of skills to control measures of parts according to design, using measuring instruments and following technical, environmental, health and safety standards.

    Quality Assistant

    Perform activities to support the Quality Management System, advise the Manager, Supervisor or Quality Coordinator and facilitators of the organization, aiming at maintaining the Quality Management System.


    The metrology and quality technician is responsible for preparing the materials to be analyzed through three-dimensional and other equipment according to technical specifications sent by the applicants. He acts in the development of measurement, quality and maintenance systems. It applies measurement and testing techniques aimed at improving the quality of products and services.

    Quality Auditor

    Coordinate the internal audit programs of the quality systems and procedures, identify the non-conformity of the processed products; make corrective action recommendations and follow them. Select and supervise the training of quality internal auditors; evaluate the audit process and the outcome of the auditors' work. Collaborate with the communication process and dissemination of the Company's Quality System, through materials, courses and lectures. Participate in the implementation and management of the quality system, aiming at continuous process improvements and maintaining the maintenance system in ISO standards.

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Development of the plant Supply and Quality Engineering. Pre-select and develop new suppliers of serial components. Ensure the necessary measures of development of parts in series, with new supplier, transfers of tools and selection of suppliers for validation of initial samples, in cooperation with Purchases. To homologate new suppliers, validate the selection stages with the support of the buyer / Buyer project. Define the Requirements File for new suppliers and new components in Projects, validate Vendor Quality Assurance File, and finally validate processes and initial samples delivered by the supplier and other related related activities.

    CSI / CSII / CARE Controlled Embarkation

    They can be divided into two categories called Level I or CSI and Level II or CSII:

    Controlled Shipping Level I (SCI)

    CS1 requires the vendor to contain the suspect product and perform a 100% redundant inspection process. This process can be done by the supplier's employees, although some suppliers routinely use a third-party Quality Inspection company to perform this service. The cost or availability of personnel is generally decisive for the decision to outsource this function or to carry it out internally. It consists of the verification of 100% of the batches or by sampling, depending on the criticality of the product problem, and these must comply with the updated internal control plans. The purpose of this process is for the customer to identify the root cause of the defect and incorporate irreversible corrective actions.

    The second step of CS1 is to identify the root cause of the defect and incorporate irreversible corrective actions. The third step of CS1 is to ensure, through the inspection process above, that corrective actions are effective.

    Controlled Shipment Level 2 (CS2)

    It consists of the verification by imposition of the applicant (client) of 200% of the products, being 100% inspected by the requested (supplier) and 100% by the company that was homologated or accepted by the client. Level II or CSII shipment is made for a minimum of 90 (ninety) days, which in this period will not be possible to repeat any of the violations, according to specifications in the internal control plan and homologated by the applicant (client) for a further 90 (ninety) days. The purpose of this process is to ensure the quality of the product among the parties involved, taking the corrective and irrevocable actions initiated in the CSI or Level I through the presented indicators.

    Quality Inspection - Rework

    It consists of reworking metallic or non-metallic products or parts through drilling, sanding, polishing and others, leaving them in compliance with the technical specifications of the internal and external customer.

    Selection of automotive parts or components, electronics and white line according to customer specifications and Quality Management system procedures. Seven Quality specializes in solving customer quality problems by selecting, inspecting and reworking components at all stages of the process.

    Assembly and Sub-Assembly

    It consists of assembly and sub-assembly of Product Kits in general, as well as labeling, packaging and weighing. SEVEN QUALITY counts on professionals qualified to attend to our clients from the beginning of the process until the discards of the residues.

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