telecomunication engeneering

  1. > Telecommunications Networks
  2. > Site refactoring and expansion
  3. > Energy system on sites
  4. > Antennas, feeder and supports
  5. > VSWR Testing
  6. > Installation of SWAP
  7. > Technology SWAP
  8. > Transmission Equipment
  9. > Routers and PBX
  10. > Installation & Commissioning
  11. > Airline Repair.

Services: Internet Fiber Optics, Telephones, PABX and Networks

SEVEN Quality is able to carry out the management of all the telecommunication networks of maintenance of the installations of your company with rigor and professionalism. We create projects and build telecommunication networks (Metallic and Fiber Optics), as well as doing all the work of refining and expanding sites (Installation and Maintenance of Fixed and Wireless Telecommunication Networks).

We perform the maintenance, testing and integration of sites (BTS / NodeB), expansion of energy system in the sites, expansion of cabinets and the installation and replacement of radiant system (antennas, feeder and supports.

We perform the most thorough tests of VSWR cables and antennas of all telecom network system, besides performing the installation and SWAP of antennas, we do all the relocation and modernization of transmission equipment (radio-links) and Datacom.

Finally, we perform the installation and repair of overhead lines, maintenance of routers and PABX and the service of Installation & Commissioning.

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